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Warehouse Control Systems & Software

State: CA, FL, IN, KY, MD, MI, ON
  • Intelligrated

    Intelligrated offers scalable, full-featured warehouse control systems for solving a variety of material handling system challenges, including wave execution and material flow control. Intelligrated's order manager modules provide automated monitoring/reporting, easy to configure business rules, gap filling between business systems, and increased order fulfillment accuracy. These modules reduce system complexity, improve visibility with real-time information, and enhance productivity through coordinated warehouse activity.

    State: OH
  • Tompkins International

    Tompkins International offers integrated, flexible warehouse control systems for supply chain and warehouse operation visibility. These systems provide real-time control/monitoring capabilities no matter what type of conveyor sortation, they consolidate/centralize control of process automation, and reduce labor requirement costs. Systems can increase visibility to plant floor operations, and they provide a single interface point between automation equipment/host systems.

    State: NC
  • Dematic

    Dematic warehouse control systems provide: optimized routing to improve throughput of goods, controlling sortation systems of various sizes/velocities, and controlling storage/retrieval machines and Dematic multishuttles. These systems reduce cost, promote the optimization of storage locations, encourage work organization/pacing, and significantly reduce stock.

    State: MI
  • LaFayette Engineering, Inc.

    LaFayette Engineering, Inc. offers warehouse control system software applications for directing real-time activities within distribution and warehouse centers. These systems ensure that the particular pieces of material handling equipment (e.g., apply/print, sorters, conveyors, etc.) perform with precision, run smoothly, and maximize efficiency. Product applications include: optimization functionality, load balancing, notification tools, event monitoring, visibility tools, etc.

    State: KY
  • ASAP Automation

    ASAP Automation offers Exacta warehouse control systems for both traditional automation control and several modules of functionality. These warehouse control systems are capable of remote monitoring (providing visibility across the organization), built-in diagnostic tools, graphics, and reports. Systems are intuitive (color-coded), user-friendly, and they provide continuous feedback/monitoring with real-time data/statistics.

    State: KY
  • The Numina Group

    The Numina Group offers warehouse execution and controls that provide a variety of solutions, including: sophisticated process optimization, voice directed picking, ship order fulfillment, basic plant floor data collection, etc.

    State: IL
  • Bastian Material Handling

    Bastian Material Handling provides a wide range of warehouse control systems, including: small PLC controlled, integrated web video, conveyor/sortation systems, robotic technologies, inline scales, label applicators, automatic feeders, etc. Inline scales allow for seamless integration of static or inline weighing equipment. These scales are used in the following applications: weigh counting, quality control, weigh checking, dynamic manifesting, etc.

    State: IN
  • F. Curtis Barry & Company

    F. Curtis Barry & Company warehouse control systems services provide the necessary support required for all areas of fulfillment and inventory control in the entire warehouse. Services offered include: system strategies, implementation of supply chain software, vendor independence, development of internal applications, etc.

    State: VA
  • KNAPP Logistics Automation, Inc

    KNAPP Logistics Automation, Inc. offers KiSoft WCS warehouse control systems regulate, control, and coordinate all of the automatic material flow processes. These systems can handle asymmetric workloads, and they provide distance/time optimization for complex material flows. System control functionalities include: automatic picking, semi-automatic picking, dispatch preparation, automatic invoice insertion, control functions, etc.

    State: GA
  • Conveyor Handling Company, Inc

    Conveyor Handling Company, Inc. offers industrial warehouse controls and software for the following applications: energy management, modernization/upgrading of existing equipment, programmable logic controllers, PC based automation, process controls, plant monitoring, data acquisition, conveyor system controls, etc.

    State: MD
  • Precision Warehouse Design, LLC

    Precision Warehouse Design, LLC offers PWD-EDGE software solutions for controlling a variety of warehouse activities, including: receiving, putting away, picking, packing, kitting, inspection, cycle counting, check-weigh, labeling, order routing, RFID, VDM management, shipping, etc.

    State: TX
  • Glen Road Systems, Inc

    Glen Road Systems, Inc. offers warehouse control systems for controlling, coordinating, automating, and monitoring fulfillment methods and material handling equipment. These systems provide support for tools, cameras, scanners, tracing, tracking, routing, conveying, sorting, printing, and applying labeling. Systems are a proven solution for a variety of warehouses throughout Canada and the US.

    State: PA
  • QC Software

    QC Software's warehouse control software provides a variety of solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers. Software benefits include: customized screens/reports, real-time data/statistics, pro-active user-controlled monitoring, easy configuration, improved productivity, low cost, and an easy configuration.

    State: OH
  • TriFactor

    TriFactor's offers warehouse control and management systems. TriFactor's warehouse control system is a software program that works as a PC-based cell controller for the material handling equipment in a warehouse or for working as a real-time interface between the PLC and WMS. TriFactor's warehouse management system is a software used for collecting large amounts of information, e.g., historical data, custom orders, inventory data, etc. This software then processes in a non-real time mode, mapping out a workload plan for day-to-day warehouse floor operations.

    State: FL
  • AL Systems

    AL Systems' DynaPro warehouse control systems are designed to increase functionality between warehouse automation, material handling, and warehouse management systems. These control systems feature seamless integration, highly scalable components, real-time reporting, labor optimization, modular benefits, and complete order control.

    State: NJ
  • Fortna

    Fortna provides warehouse control systems for optimizing performance and real-time direction to material handling subsystems. These control systems feature the following benefits: real-time visibility, load balancing, event optimization, maximum operational capacity, and a seamless interface. Systems feature analysis and log tools for regulatory tracking and accurate audit trails.

    State: GA
  • W&H Systems, Inc.

    W&H Systems, Inc. provides warehouse control system software applications for directing real-time activities within distribution centers and warehouses. These systems provide a uniform interface to a wide range of material handling equipment, including: palletizers, sortation systems, conveyor systems, carousels, AS/RS, etc. System benefits include: maximizing system performance/throughput, utilizing efficient methods for item routing, wave creation, wireless manifesting, energy management, etc.

    State: NJ
  • Brock Solutions

    Brock Solutions offers warehouse control systems that provide integration for picking, sorting, and shipping operations. These systems provide the following benefits: graphical operator displays, reporting/historical data logging, put-to-light, picking, ASRS, shipping management, order fulfillment, and high speed sortation.

    State: TX
  • Egemin Automation Inc.

    Egemin Automation Inc. offers warehouse control systems for integrating automated warehouse equipment into an efficient transport system. Integrations performed by these systems include managing open transport assignments from start to finish, and controlling the material flow of individual carriers, such as boxes, bins, trays, and pallets.

    State: MI
  • WEPCO, Inc.

    WEPCO, Inc. offers warehouse control systems for integrating host interfaces, system diagnostics, maintenance tools, operator interfaces, and machine controls. These systems provide flexible/scalable designs, remote access/diagnostics, an open architecture, HMI technology (a web-based 3D map of the facility), and seamless integration with ERP and WMS systems.

    State: PA