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Used Semiconductor Equipment

State: NJ
Country: USA
  • ClassOne Equipment

    ClassOne Equipment sells used process and metrology semiconductor equipment from brands such as unaxis, KLA Tencor, Veeco, Oxford, Jeol, and Hitachi including thin film measurement equipment, surface metrology equipment, scanning electron microscopes, mask aligners, spin rinse dryers, photoresist coating systems, and more.

  • Semipark Co

    Semipark buys and sells used semiconductor equipment such as wafer fabrication tools including etchers, aligners, coaters, and diffusion equipment as well as IC assembly and test equipment from wire bonders and handlers to scribers from companies including Varian, K&S, Disco, Hughes, Electroglas, and NOvellus.

  • AG Semiconductor Services Inc.

    AG Semiconductor is a major supplier of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment including front-end manufacturing equipment from Nikon, Applied Materials, TEL, and LAM including etch (oxide and poly), litho coaters, developer, and PVD equipment.

  • Bid-Service

    Bid Service supplies used and refurbished semiconductor processing equipment including assembly equipment, cleaning systems, bonders, welders, seam sealers, belt and box furnaces, dicing saws, plasma etchers, wafer grinding and polishing, and much more.

  • Bittmann Applied Technologies

    Bittman Applied Technologies offers used semiconductor manufacturing equipment from manufacturers such as Edwards, ENI, Alcatel, Leybold, Tencor, TePla, and much more with types including sputtering systems, mask aligners, evaporators, film thickness measurement, wafer provers, and more.

  • CAE Online

    CAE Online is an online marketplace for buying and selling used semiconductor equipment including burn-in systems, die attachments, centrifuges, mask generators, mask aligners, wafer inspection, reactors, and more.

  • CapEx Outsource, Inc.

    CapEx Outsource provides used semiconductor equipment including wafer processing Ash PR Strip, Dry Etch, and Furnace equipment as well as metrology and inspection such as thickness measure, wafer flatness, and defect inspection equipment.

  • Capovani Brothers Inc.

    Capovani Brothers sells used semiconductor equipment including wafer fabricators, wafer metrology instruments, silicon preparation tools, automatic test systems and components, and reliability equipment.

  • Catalyst Equipment Corporation

    Catalyst Equipment Corporation buys and sells used and refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment including mask & reticle systems, wafer fabrication including lithography, physical vapor disposition, plasma processing, reliability test equipment, and more.

  • Equipment Exchange

    Equipment Exchange offers used semiconductor equipment including wafer manufacturing, semiconductor assembly, wire & die bonders, bond pull testers, wafer polishers, dicing saws, and lappers.

  • ETS

    ETS Products offers several types of used semiconductor equipment from metrology and process to vibration isolation and radiometers. Some products include dicing, scribing, rapid thermal processing, defect inspection, probers, and wafer thickness machines.

  • SDI Semiconductor Instruments

    SDI Semiconductor sells used semiconductor manufacturing equipment including lithography and exposure tools, implant equipment, diffusion furnaces, test handlers, laser marking, and more.

  • HTT High Tech Trade

    High Tech Trade sells used semiconductor equipment including front end equipment for wafer fabrication, back end equipment for assembly, packaging, and testing, surplus equipment, probe cards, and more.

  • ICI Equipment

    ICI Equipment supplies, buys, and re-furbishes used semiconductor equipment including front and back end equipment, profilers, axis contgrollers, megohmeter, and more.

  • JMC

    JMC sells used equipment including wafer fab tools, IC assembly equipment, board test and manufacturing systems, wafer probers, test & measurement tools, pumps, power products, and more.

  • JM Industries

    JM Industries provides used semiconductor equipment from 4 Dimensions, Anatech, Imtran, Ion Tech, Hitachi, Palomar, and Reynolds including bonders, photolithography, scrubbers, mask aligners, welders, wafer testers, and more.

  • K & Us Equipment, Inc.

    K&Us Equipment sells used semiconductor equipment including probers, bonders, wafer inspection, and processing tools including pressure vessels, chiller systems, vacuum pumps, ovens, and more.

  • Logan Technologies

    Logan Technologies sells various used semiconductor equipment from wafer clamping tools, manual and automatic systems, metal etchers, flowrite recirculating cooling systems, spectrum analyzers, and more.

  • Mektra

    Mektra sells used semiconductor manufacturing equipment from brands including Advantek, Electroglas, Eagle, Delta Design, Kasuga, Sentry, and Tesec including handlers, testers, and probers.

  • National A.T.E.

    National A.T.E. buys and sells used semiconductor equipment for many applications including QC, in circuit ICT testers, wafer probers and bonders, inspection, and final test tools.