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Semiconductor Equipment

Country: U.S.A., USA
  • Frontier Semiconductor

    Frontier Semiconductor makes optical and electrical measurement equipment including laser scanning for film stress and wafer bow measurement and more.

  • C&D Semiconductor Services

    C&D Semiconductor Services offers a variety of semiconductor manufacturing equipment including microscope loader and bright light inspection systems, wafer sorters (including floor standing four cassette models), and linear track and cluster system tools.

  • Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates

    Varian Semiconductor sells semiconductor manufacturing equipment including single-wafer high energy implanters for retrograde well, triple well, buried layers, and other medium current uses with decreased time to first silicon wafer and flexible product mix changes.

  • Zeiss

    Zeiss makes several semiconductor manufacturing products including mask evaluation tools, mask repair and tuning systems, mask metrology tools, mask monitoring, and an automatic pellicle removal tool which allow you to overcome manual handling problems and scratches.

  • Kokusai Electric

    Kokusai makes semiconductor manufacturing equipment for 200 and 300mm wafers such as diffusion systems for silicon nitride, poly silicon, oxide, thin gate oxide, and HTO wafers, single-wafer systems, vertical systems, plasma oxidation systems, and more.

  • Applied Materials

    Applied Materials makes semiconductor products including mask tools, metallization, metrology equipment, thermal processes and wet clean systems for removing particles, residue and other photomask manufacturing defects and contaminations.

  • Electroglas

    Electroglas makes wafer probers for 200mm and 300mm wafers, package test handlers with simplified final test process, increased test cell throughput, and better handling speed and accuracy for diced, ultra-thin wafers, and known good die post dicing.

  • Acquaint Technologies

    Acquaint Technologies offers process equipment monitoring systems for semiconductor manufacturing allowing you to optimize and streamline your wafer operations including product testing, in-line inspection, PSD and PHD results, PRM and ARS process recipe, and ECM equipment configuration.

  • Hitachi High Technologies America

    Hitachi High Technologies makes semiconductor etch and metrology equipment such as inspection and review systems as well as software in addition to etch chambers and platforms such as their Microwave ECR platform featuring shower plate gas delivery with three independent magnetic coils and a resonance cavity design.

  • Canon

    Canon makes lithography tools such as steppers and scanners for making integrated circuit devices to project images from a photomask onto a silicon wafer which will then be developed and etched, repeated many times until there is an entire IC. Their machines include 193nm, 248nm, and 365nm (ArF, KrF, and i-Line) models.

  • Jeol Semiconductor Equipment

    Jeol is a major maker of semiconductor products and manufacturing equipment including electron beam lithography, wafer inspection tools, and fine process inspection systems such as their Focused Ion Beam system with high speed fabrication and a high ion beam current of 30nA at 30kV.

  • Kulicke & Soffa

    Kulicke & Soffa is a supplier of semiconductor manufacturing and assembly equipment inlcuding bonding tools, die bonders, dicing blades, automatic and manual wirebonders, and stud bumpers as well as custom micro tools and fine pitch capillaries.

  • gSEMI

    gSEMI offers process and metrology semiconductor manufacturing equipment including overlay surface inspection systems, surface profilers (also available in high resolution), surface resistivity tools, thin film measurement systems, ovens, and laser marking systems.

  • Semiconductor Equipment Corporation

    Semiconductor Equipment Corp designs and manufactures semiconductor equipment including rework, handling, and test systems as well as die ejectors, pick and place machines, flip chip bonders, and more.

  • KLA Tencor

    KLA Tencor makes tools for manufacturing semiconductors such as surface and defect inspection systems, defect review systems, data management software, and wafer and nanotopography metrology equipment.

  • Nikon Instruments

    Nikon Instruments develops and makes optical and digital imaging systems for semiconductor manufacturing including automatic macro inspection systems, wafer inspection tools, wafer carriers, and automated pattern profile management systems.

  • Amerimade Technology

    Amerimade's semiconductor manufacturing equipment catalog consists of fully and semi-automated benches, manual wet benches, bottle wash systems, process tanks, fume hoods, and much more.

  • Tech Inc

    Tech Inc makes semiconductor manufacturing equipment including manual wet benches and automated process systems as well as work stations, tool sets, tanks, cruzier production, and more to remove imperfections and defects from the manufacturing process.

  • Zygo

    Zygo makes semiconductor metrology equipment to help improve wafer quality and yield including a high-throughput system for wafer inspection, their 3D series for accurate measurement including volume and height, and more.

  • PANalytical

    PANalytical makes semiconductor and thin film manufacturing equipment including pilot production lines, and automated solutions for compound semiconductors including three process development stages and metrology techniques.