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Machine Tool Manufacturers

State: CT, NY, OH
Country: China
  • Acer Online

    Acer makes several types of machine tools including machining centers with ATC and Fanuc control, those with Anilam controls, milling machines, bed mills, surface grinders, engine lathes, and teaching lathes.

  • Amera Seiki

    Amera Seiki has made CNC machine tools since 1991 including CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, small machining centers, multi-axis turning machines, and more. Amera Seiki's products are found in a variety of industries including pneumatics, automotive, medical, defense, hydraulics, and more.

  • Baron-Max

    Baron-Max makes several manufacturing tools including horizontal and vertical machining center, vertical milling centers, CNC rigid bed mills, a graphite milling center, and a toolrool CNC bed milling machine.

  • Bridgeport

    Bridgeport manufactures several types of milling machines including vertical machining centers (high speed, high performance, and vertical pallet changers), horizontal machining centers (4-axis), five face and five-axis machining centers, and manual knee-mills.

  • Cincinnati Machines

    Cincinnati Machines makes manufacturing tools including turning machines, boring machines, bridge and gantries, grinding machines, drills, and machine centers with extreme capacities.

  • Correaanayak

    Correa Anayak offers several types of manufacturing tools including several types of milling machines such as bridge-type, gantry, travelling column, and bed type as well as high speed milling machines (bed-type, vertical machining center, and gantry) and bed type milling boring machines with rotary table.

  • Cubic Machinery

    Cubic makes many types of manufacturing tools including Gang-Tool lathes, Swiss-Type CNC lathes, twin spindle lathes, flat bed CNC lathes, Slant bed lathes, turrent lathes, and more.

  • Datron

    Datron makes economic high-speed CNC milling machines with heavy-duty industrial construction and high-speed spindles for your manufacturing needs.

  • Casadei Busellato

    Casadei Busellato offers several types of manufacturing tools for wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metals such as CNC machining centers, CNC routers, panel saws, edgebanders, bore & dowel machines, and flooring machines by manufacturers such as Busellato, Gabbiani, CPC, IDM, Celaschi, and more.

  • Enshu

    Enshu makes several types of horizontal machines with pallet sizes of 320, 400, 500, and 630mm as well as vertical machines with spindle sizes of 30, 40, and 50 taper.

  • Fryer Machine Systems Inc

    Fryer Machine Systems builds manufacuring tools including 5-axis machines, specialty machines, custom machines, and more such as heavy duty machining centers, horizontal boring mills, horizontal machining centers, slant bed lathes, and open machining centers.

  • GF AgieCharmilles

    GF AgieCharmilles makes several manufacturing tools including Die Sinking EDM, hole drilling EDM, high performance machining centers, laser ablation, and motor spindles.

  • Golden Sun

    Golden Sun makes CNC vertical Machining centers, Horizontal machining centers, Horizontal boring machines, vertical milling machines, and lathes with stepping or AC Servo controllers.

  • Haas Automation

    Haas Automation makes several manufacturing tools including 5-Axis VMCs, rotary tables and indexers, CNC lathes, HMC horizontal spindles, and VMC vertical spindles.

  • Hardinge Inc

    Hardige Group offers machining tools such as CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, bridgeport knee mills, grinding machines, workholding machines, rotary tables & indexers, 5-axis VMCs, and more.

  • Hartford

    Hartford makes several linear guide way high speed and high accuracy machining centers in 560mm, 4000mm, 1000mm, 5000mm, up to 8000mm models as well as box guide heavy cutting machining centers from 1000mm to 7000mm models.

  • Hendrick

    Hendrick makes panel and beam saws, CNC routers and machining centers in 3-axis and 5-axis models, with varying spindle options and more.

  • Bourn & Koch

    Bourn & Koch offers blanchard rotary grinders (refurbished or retrofit) with nominal workplace diameters of 20, 16, or 84mm and CNC turning & vertical grinding Springfield machines with vertical chucker or inverted spindle.

  • Chiron

    Chiron offers manufacturing tools for high speed manufacturing, coolant-through-the-tool applications, and high spindle speeds with minimal amounts of lubrication as well as used machines and units.

  • Hermle

    Hermle makes several machining centers including swivelling rotary table models, highly dynamic models, rigid table models, and 3- and 5-axis models.