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Process Piping

State: PA
  • Carolina Process Piping

    Carolina Process Piping fabricates sanitary and high purity process systems, e.g., constructing skid mounted units or entire systems on site. This process involves traceability, automatic orbital welding technology, and complete material documentation.

    State: NC
  • HIPP (Hamlin Inc. Process Piping)

    HIPP offers a wide range of process piping services for the biotech, water, ethanol, food processing, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries. Services offered by HIPP include traditional stainless steel fabrication, ultra high purity fabrication, installation, and coordination.

    State: ME
  • AFS Energy Systems

    AFS Energy Systems fabricates, designs, and installs the following process piping systems and components: process steam, condensate return, chemical feed, water, natural gas, oil, compress air, hydraulic oil, underground pre-insulated, pressure reducing stations, etc.

    State: PA
  • O.C. McDonald Company

    O.C. McDonald Company designs, fabricates, and installs the following process piping systems: electronic grade, high purity, food preparation facilities, heavy manufacturing facilities, industrial power facilities, semi-conductor/electronic facilities, solar facilities, etc. In addition to new systems, O.C. McDonald offers will reworking, repairing, and maintenance services to any existing piping project.

    State: CA
  • CJI Process Systems, Inc.

    CJI Process Systems, Inc. designs, fabricates, and installs single/double-wall piping systems for a wide range of industries, including: filtration systems, compressed air, tank farms, food processing, spray systems, high pressure gas lines, steam, chemical plants, metal finishing, etc. CJI is factory and welders certified, and they comply with factory, socket fusion, butt fusion, and ASME standards.

    State: CA
  • Jamar Company

    Jamar Company offers the following process piping, project maintenance, and new system installation services: FRP installations, instrumentation, stock/slurry lines, vacuum systems, gas piping, pneumatic/hydraulic/lube oil tubing, boiler feed water, steam/condensate, power/process piping services, etc.

    State: MN
  • Piping & Equipment Co

    Piping & Equipment Co. performs maintenance on existing systems, as well as installation of new piping, control valves, boilers, vessels, and gas burner systems. Piping & Equipment is fully experienced in repairing and fabricating ASME code boilers, pressure vessels, and process piping.

    State: KS
  • Hooper Corp

    Hooper Corp. designs, fabricates, and installs process piping solutions for the power, HVAC, food service, and pharmaceutical industries. Hooper is ASME "U", ASME "PP", and National Board "R" authorized.

    State: WI
  • Tri Tool Inc.

    Tri Tool, Inc. offers process piping systems for the petroleum, chemical, and paper/pulp industries.

    State: CA
  • Abington Group, Inc.

    Abington Group, Inc. offers the following critical process piping services: Borescope inspection, high pressure testing, ultra-sonic testing, weld mapping, and design support. Abington is NBBPVI and ASME certified.

    State: NH