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Proximity Sensors

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  • Allen-Bradley

    Allen-Bradley makes several types of proximity sensors for detecting solids or liquids including general purpose and plastic barrel tubular capacitive models, inductive sensors for welding, harsh duty, and more, and ultrasonic proximity sensors.

    State: NC
  • Altech Corp.

    Altech Corporation makes several types of inductive proximity sensors including limit style, cylindrical, block style, and ring stype for applications such as material handling systems, machine tools, assembly machines, robotic systems, and more.

  • Avago Technologies

    Avago Technologies manufactures integrated optical prosimity sensors with artificial light immunity and is available in analog or digital outputs for applications including cell phones, contactless switches, PCs, and more.

    San Jose
    State: CA
  • Baluff Sensors

    Balluff makes inductive proximity sensors for non-contact detection of metallic targets, at ranges less than 50mm and are insensitive to oil, dirt, water, non-metallic, particles, and target color and can withstand high shock and vibration.

  • Baumer Electric

    Baumer Electric manufactures several ultrasonic proximity sensors for general, electrical, and mechanical data in varying sensing ranges from 10 to 200mm and a scanning range of 20 to 200mm.

  • c3controls

    c3controls makes several types of proximity sensors including inductive, capacitive, and cylindrical models, rated for type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4/4X, 6, 6P, 12, 13, and IP67 applications.

  • Cherry Corp

    Cherry makes magnetic proximity sensors that are immune to hostile environments, suitable for DC and AC circuits, are hermetically sealed to last long, and feature zero power consumption.

  • CourierTronics

    CourierTronics offers inductive proximity sensors of either 200 or 400 degrees C temperature ranges, digital or analog analysis, explosion proof models, and models of varying switching distances of 15, 20, or 25mm.

  • Engineering and Manufacturing Services (EMS)

    EMS Makes a 12mm low cost inductive proximity sensor with a 12mm diameter, 4mm iron range, 6-36 VDC, and a 500Hz frequency.

  • Fargo Controls Inc

    Fargo Controls manufactures capacitive, inductive, magnetic, and photoelectric proximity sensors with features such as stainless steel housing, nickel-plated brass housing, and plastic housing in varying sizes including 4mm, 5mm threaded, 30mm, rectangular. and more.

  • Festo

    Festo makes inductive proximity sensors for metal sensing applications with displacement sensors, standard & increased sensors, factor 1 sensors, and are available in round and block shapes with sensing areas from 1mm to 35mm.

    Mt Prospect
    State: IL
  • Honeywell

    Honeywell has a full line of sensing products including line guides for proximity sensors (for railway applications), prix sensors in one-piece and special constructions, lead wire or connection terminals, and crastin or ceramic sensing face options.

  • Instronics

    Instronics offers ultrasonic proximity sensors that are stud-mountable, self-contained and offer 120VAC power as well as ranges of 5 to 30 or 10 to 72 inches with a narrow sensing beam, high frequency, LED indicator, and more.

  • OMRON Corporation

    OMRON Corp manufactures several types of proximity sensors including capacitive, cylindrical, separate amplifier, and rectangular models for high temperatures, cleaning processes, long and short distance detection, splatter resistant models, and more.

  • Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America

    Panasonic makes cylindrical, inductive, and rectangular proximity sensors including high-stability, miniature, top sensing, 3-wire, compact, and 2-wire models.

  • Pepperl + Fuchs

    Pepperl & Fuchs makes capacitive, hall effect, inductive, magnetic, and ultrasonic proximity sensors in cylindrival and rectangular housing styles as well as reed door sensors.

  • Red Lion Controls Inc

    Red Lion Controls manufactures proximity sensors including inductive and hall effect models, which detect steel gears or other ferrous targets, features NPN open collector output and operates from 0 to 10KHz frequency.

  • Reed Relays and Electronic India Ltd

    Reed Relays & Electronics offers cylindrical proximity sensors from ultra-miniature to standard sizes, which are magnetic and offer switching up to 60W of line voltage and configurable with shielded cables, offering varying pitch.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric makes capacitive and inductive proximity sensors, shielded & non shielded in plastic or metal housing with a sensing range from 0.00 to 15.0 mm and are AC or DC powered.

  • SenSource

    SenSource offers several types of proximity sensors including cylindrival, square inductive, and capacitive modelswith sensing ranges of 1.5 to 15mm.