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Pressure Switches

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  • Ashcroft Inc

    Ashcroft makes several pressure switches including watertight, explosion proof, stainless steel and other enclosure types as well as single setpoint, fixed deadband, SPDT type switches for almost all OEM industrial and process applications.

  • Dan Foss

    Danfoss makes industrial pressure switches for marine & hydraulic, light to heavy industry applications for boilers with high pressure up to 400 bar, featuring electromechanical controls, snap-action system, and more.

  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls has several types of pressure switches including gauge type, vacuum type, and the specialty solid state switch from 9 to 6000PSI and 0 to 400 bar with no moving parts and is for use in mobile, off highway, and demanding applications.

  • ITT Aerospace Controls

    ITT makes Neo-Dyn pressure switches for general purpose or hazardous area uses such as their Differential pressure switch with adjustable setpoint, a compact design, NEMA 4X, 7, 9, and 13 rated, up to 150PSID proof pressure and available from 5' to 150' WC.

  • Sensata Technologies

    Sensata offers pressure switches for AC low and high pressure cut-outs, AC fan cycling, air brake systems, hydraulic systems, and more with long cycle life, low and high contact capacity, multiple configurations, and are usable in harsh environments.

  • Sigma-netics

    Signa-netics offers environmentally sealed Nema 4 pressure switches for off road and agricultural equipment, low pressure and vacuum applications, and off-shore exploration and petro-chemical processing.

  • Transducers Direct

    Transducers Direct provides adjustable pressure switches that are sealed, have 5 amp current rating, with pressure ranges from 10 to 4000 psi with varying connection options and more.

  • Air Logic

    Air Logic manufactures a series of miniature, subminiature, low differential, and solid state switches along with pressure and vacuum piloted valves. The precision switches interace from pressure signals to electrical control circuit. The switches are single pole and double throw for terminals that are open, closed and comon. Pressure switches are available in 0.1 to 25 AMP with a maximum pressure of 100 PSI and maximum vacuum of 29.9" Hg.

  • Dwyer Instruments

    Dwyer Instruments offers several types of pressure switches including weatherproof, diaphragm operated, explosion-proof, durable, subminiature, snap-action, miniature, bourbon tube types and more.

  • Honeywell Sensing & Control

    Honeywell makes pressure switches set from 0.5 to 3000 PSI with low contact resistance and gold over silver contacts, and are manufactured with or without a dead band for whatever your application.

  • Hydac

    Hydac creates standard and hazardous environment pressure switches including solid state type, panel mount type, those with SPDT relays and analog outputs, and explosion proof models.

    Lehigh Valley
    State: PA
  • Nason

    Nason manufactures low and high pressure switches including the SM model with 2 to 120 PSI and max operating pressure of 250 PSI and their CD high pressure model which is field adjustable from 10 to 4500 PSI.

  • Suco

    Suco has varying types of pressure switches including electronic pressure switches, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, diaphragm pressure switches, and mechanical piston switches that can be used in construction equipment, agricultural & forestry equipment, and material handling equipment applications.