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  • Allen Bradley

    Allen-Bradley manufactures the 840 model float switches for heavy-duty industrial control applications. These switches open and close contacts in response to changes in liquid level and can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Ameritrol

    Ameritrol manufactures a variety of liquid level switches including three series of models; the XL Series, SL Series and LM Sereis. These switches are designed to meet the most critical level detection applications in a variety of conditions for a broad range of industries.

  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls manufactures level switch products including electro-optic liquid level switches, float type level switches, and proximity and pressure switches. The company's switches are for use in a variety of fluids.

  • Cole Parmer

    Cole Parmer manufactures a family of liquid level float switches. Products include standard switches, hinged float switches, bent stem switches, and bottle level switches. The company also offers multi-point ultrasonic level switches, a noncontact proximity switch, and self-sealing float switches.


  • APG

    APG manufactures float liquid level switches in a variety of sizes and configurations. Products include cable suspended float level sensors, magnetic float level sensors and miniature liquid level float switches.

  • Babbitt International Inc.

    Babbitt International Inc. manufactures a variety of point level switches including low-cost, full-featured, dual-point, and multi-point senors. The switches are used for liquid and bulk solid applications, and have no moving parts. The company also offers a series of MLS-4EX multi-point, float level switches used for sensing fluid levels.

  • Delta Controls

    Delta Controls manufactures a variety of mechanical level switches including: top-inserted, float-acutuated switches; top-inserted, displacer-actuated switches; side-inserted, float or displacer-actuated switches; external cage float or displacer-actuated switches; and a high temperature and pressure level switch.

  • Dwyer Instruments

    Dwyer manufactures a variety of models and series of level switches including liquid level float control switches, a cable float switch, multi-station and miniature multi-station switches, and a free-floating level switch.

  • Dynatrol

    Dynatrol manufactures liquid level switches and solids level switches. The company's liquid switches detect the level of liquids and slurries, and can be mounted on a vessel or in piping. Dynatrol's solid switches are used in storage tanks, bins and silos, and can detect levels on materials such as light fluff, heavy granules and pellets.


  • Endress Hauser

    Endress Hauser manufactures a range of level measurement instruments including vibrating level switches for liquids and solids.

  • Flow Line Options

    Flow Line Options manufactures a group of ultrasonic level switches. Products include non-contact, multi-point, vibration, high-temp float, buoyancy, leak detection and capacitance level switches. The majority of switches are best suited for use in various types of liquids.

  • Fluid Components International

    Fluid Components International manufactures three series of thermal level switches for temperature monitoring, multi-point level monitoring, and other applications associated with industrial process measurement and automation.

  • Harwil Corp

    Harwil Corp. manufactures 11 models of liquid level switches for use in a variety of physical, thermal and chemical operating environments. Some level switches are available with protective boots for use in high, particle-contaminated environments.


  • Innovative Components

    Innovative Components manufactures float-type, liquid level switches in three categories: vertical, horizontal and special. The company's vertical switches can be mounted in the top or bottom of a tank, while horizontal switches are used when the top of a tank is not accessible.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Innovative Solutions manufactures float-type level switches including multi-level vertical mount, single-point horizontal mount, and single vertical mount switches. A number of the company's switch models are intended for use in hazardous locations.

  • Madison

    Madison manufactures liquid-level, single and multi-point float switches that measure tank levels in various application environments. The company also offers a number of liquid level sensors and an optical level switch.

  • National Magnetic Sensors Inc

    National Magnetic Sensors Inc. manufactures single-level float switches and sidemount level switches. The copmany's sidemount switches are compact with floats that can pass through a 1/2" NPT female boss. National also offers bottle switches and bilge/sump switches.

  • Scientific Devices

    Scientific Devices manufactures a variety of level switches. Products include displacer level, top-mounted magnetic, side-mounted magnetic, vibrating fork type, rotary paddle type, conductivity type and cable float switches.

  • Semrad

    Semrad distributes Nivelco-manufactured level switches including float, conductivity, magnetic coupling, magnetic tracking, vibration switches.

  • Sensor Technics

    Sensor Technics manufactures three series of optical liquid level switches that feature single-point liquid level detction, no moving parts, fast response, and basic, ditigal or transistor output.