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  • Alluris

    Alluris manufactures, develops and distributes digital contact tachometers, digital laser tachometers with contact adaptors, digital precision tachometers, and PLaser tachometers with contact adaptors. The company's tachometers have a contact measurement of 1 to 25,000 RPM; and feature selectable measuring units for length, rotational, and surface speed measurements in metres, yards, feet and inches.

  • BaumerIVO

    BaumerIVO distributes seven models of six or 8-digit electronic tachometers. Depending on series, tachometer functions include frequency display, digital display of one and two analogue measure values, and ratio display.

  • Carlen Controls

    Carlen Controls designs and manufactures six shaft-mounted tachometer models for mill applications that require a rugged design. The company also manufactures a tachometer designed for drive motors.

  • Electromatic Equipment Co. Inc.

    Electromatic Equipment Company provides a family of Check-Line tachnometers types including: non-contact only; combination contact and non-contact; eddy current mechanical; gas engine; digital length meter; yarn speed and length meter; multi-purpose panel; and analog output. Designed for industrial measuring applications, the majority of the tachometers have a maximum measuring range of 99,999 rpm and are handheld.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer is a supplier of contact, non-contact/contact, and non-contact tachometers. Non-contact/contact tachometer categories include laser tachometers, dual-function tachometers, economical digital tachometers, pocket combination tachometers, mini tachometers, high-accuracy tachometers, and combination vibration meter and laser tachometers.

  • Amicon Drive Systems

    Amicon Drive Systems supplies four models of Baumer Hubner tachometers, including a tachometer/encoder combo device. Depending on model, each tachometer has a maximum rpm of 10,000 and a maximum load current of 40 to 80ma.

  • Omega Engineering Inc.

    Omega Engineering Inc. manufactures handheld digital tachometers; non-contact, pocket optical tachometers; contact/non-contact, pocket laser tachometers; and laser tachometers. The company's handheld digital tachometers have a range from 10 to 99,999 rpm, while the laser tachometers have autoranging from 5 to 100,000 rpm.

  • AI-Tek Instruments

    AI-Tek Instruments designs and manufactures four models of dual-input, digital tachometers that are typically used with magnetic sensors as a signal source. Each model's response times are 7.6 ms (analog), 16.5 ms (mechanical relays), and 2 ms (digital relays).

  • Mid-State Instruments

    Mid-State Instruments is a distributor of industrial speed monitoring equipment including an electro-sensor tachometer system. The tachometer features a pulser disc that can be mounted onto a monitored shaft, a digital sensor with mounting bracket, and a panel-mount display. The tachometer's display rate ranges from 0 to 9,999 or time in process.

  • Automatic Controls

    Automatic Controls distributes new process, "older style," low cost and portable tachometers that are manufactured by AI-Tek Instruments.

  • Control Ability

    Control Ability designs and manufactures marine and heavy-duty industrial tachometers that are push button operated with speed measurements from 1 to 100,000 rpm. The company also manufactures hand held and portable tachometers that are suitable for use with reversible machinery.

  • Countronics

    Countronics provides panel-mounted tachometers and portable tachometers for industrial use. The company offers three panel-mounted tachometers models, one with two alarm limits and another with an adjustable multiplier. Countronics' four models of portable tachometers have a measuring range of 20 to 75,000 rpm, 0 to 25,000 rpm, or 0 to 9,999 rpm.

  • Dynapar

    Dynapar distributes the RIM Tach line of digital tachometers for the milling industry. The tachometers are available in thru-shaft or end-of-shaft models, and are designed to provide feedback for AC and DC drive control systems. The tachometers' resolution can reach up to 1,200 pulses per revolution.

    State: IL
  • Electro-Sensors

    Electro-Sensors offers several tachometer options that are highly programmable, include single-channel or quadrature counting, have setpoint and start delay functions, and have multiple relay and analog output options. Displays Include; Rate, Time In Process, Product, Sum, Difference, Ratio, Draw Process, Batch, or Total Counting. A hand-held model is also available.

  • is the website of Hohner, who manufactures and distributes standard tachometers including: small, heavy-duty stainless steel encoders; medium-duty encoders; heavy-duty encoders, and 90 mm standard heavy-duty encoders.

  • Extech

    Extech manufactures and supplies a combination photo tachometer/stroboscope that analyzes rotating objects and measures rpms. The instrument has a measuring range of .5 to 99,999 rpm.

  • Genesis Automation

    Genesis Automation distributes seven models of tachometers that are either 6 or 8-digits. Some of the tachometers feature frequency display, digital display of one or two analogue measure values, and ratio display.

  • Hoto Instruments

    Hoto Instruments distributes a precision, low-speed contact tachometer, which has an auto measuring range of 0 to 20,000 rpm. The tachometer has four measuring modes: real time, maximum, minimum and mean.

  • Instronix

    Instronix manufactures and exports digital two-in-one tachometers, microprocessor-based digital tachometers, and non-contact and contact tachometers. The company's digital and non-contact tachometers have a range from 25 to 75,000 rpm, while the contact tachometers range from 0 to 9,999 rpm.

  • LOR Manufacturing

    LOR Manufacturing designs and engineers a series of tachometers/hour meters that offer a range of RPM-based control solutions. The tachometers operate on either 12 or 24 vdc and can fit into a variety of applications.