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Corrosion Monitoring & Control

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  • Pepperl & Fuchs

    Pepperl+Fuchs Inc. offers the CorrTran MV corrosion monitoring probe. Probes are configured with three electrodes, process connections and certifications. This probe is used for real time monitoring and predictions of required maintenance with data analysis techniques that test corrosion rates. The CorrTran MV probe utilizes a two-wire 4-20mA signal with HART protocol. ofr localized corrosion or pitting.

  • Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS)

    Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS) offers a wide selection of corrosion monitoring products for various markets and applications such as oil, water, biotech, concrete, environmental and etc. Corrosion monitoring products include Microcor, Corrosometer Instruments, Corrosometer Probes, Corrater, Corrater Probes, Cosasco, Cosacsco Retractable System, Remote Monitoring units, Integrated Systems, Ultrasonics and Downhole. Specialty products include erosion monitoring, environmental monitoring and rouge monitoring.

  • Bayer Technology

    Bayer Technology offers Corrosion Monitoring in Chemical Processes or baycorroxxion that integrates leading distributed control and process information management systems. baycorroxxion is an online corrosion monitoring system with advanced Analyzer Result Transfer Software (ARTS) and process analyzer technology PAT solution.


  • Honeywell

    Honeywell’s process solutions offer its SmartCET transmitters with real time corrosion measurement. Product line includes OneWireless SmartCET Multivariable Transmitter that measures corrosion rate & pitting; SmartCET CET5000M – Multivariable Transmitter for on-line corrosion information; SmartCET CET5000G&P, a single variable transmitter for a general corrosion rate or a localized corrosion indicator; and the SmartCET Data Logger for recording measurements into an internal memory.


  • Caproco

    Caproco provides internal corrosion process monitoring and control services for support in areas such as inspection, detection, corrosion audit surveys and monitoring training programs. Services include monitoring program design, technical system specifications, equipment recommendations and design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, follow-up, and lab analysis.

  • Cormon

    Cormon develops specialist corrosion processes and mechanisms. Specialist areas of expertise include pitting methods, MIC methods to detect biofilms and under-deposit corrosion, condensation (dew-point) techniques, and iron sulphide techniques.

  • Vista Engineering

    Vista Engineering Technologies provides design and development services for corrosion monitoring and control.  Services include materials selection, life extensions and assessment for small and large facilities including waste water treatment facilities.

  • Corrosion Resolutions

    Corrosion Resolutions specializes in atmospheric and aqueous corrosion failure analysis, monitoring, material selection and corrosion control. They service various industries that include power plants, electronics, plastics, paper, oil, water, and petrochemical. Their corrosion monitoring program utilizes real time analysis to evaulate material factors, design factors and other significan factors.

  • Roxar

    Roxar offers internal corrosion monitoring for oil, gas, mineral pipelines and other industries. Applications include process piping or pipeline verification, corrosion control feedback, corrosion monitoring data and safety reasons. Roxar products include Intrusive corrosion monitoring systems and FSM (Field Signature Method) – non intrusive corrosion monitoring.

  • Korosi Specindo

    Korosi Specindo offers corrosion monitoring systems, equipment and services such as material selection, maintenance and treatments. They manufacture access fitting body, solid/hollow pug, protective covers, (retractable) coupon holders, corrosion/scale coupons, (electrical resistance/retractable/linear polarization resistance/sand/corrosion/erosion) probes, retriever tools, service valves, hot tap tools, on line corrosion monitoring data instruments, data logger and multipurpose portable.

  • Brown Corrosion Services

    Brown Corrosion Services, Inc. specializes in corrosion, material degradation and erosion control. They offer corrosion control, cathodic protection supply & service, sand & hydrogen monitoring systems, and corrosion monitoring equipment.

  • Reaction Engineering International

    Reaction Engineering International develops advanced corrosion monitoring technology for operations dealing with high temperature combustions. With the collaboration of corrosion monitoring technology and CFD analysis, REI has developed the Corrosion Management System for monitoring the dangers of corrosion and combustion.

  • Ammonite Corrosion Engineering Inc.

    Ammonite Corrosion Engineering Inc. provides corrosion engineering, inspectors, evaluation of chemical treatment & applications, inspection procedures, integrity management programs, and materials selection advice to the gas & oil industry.

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