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Automotive Manufacturing Systems

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  • FATA Automation

    FATA Automation offers automotive conveyor systems for body and paint shops as well as automated guided vehicles, ASRS, skid conveyor systems, cargo handling, power & free chain conveyors, and belt conveyor systems.

  • Omron

    Omron makes automotive systems and equipment for the press shop, body shop, paint shop, powertrain and assembly, and 1st tier parts suppliers for the different processes that are required as well as quality control and high efficiency.

  • Industrial Automation LLC

    Industrial Automation makes automotive equipment and systems for fully integrated assembly lines and single unit work cells including vision assessment, design, manufacturing, engineering, and programming.

  • ABB

    ABB makes automotive systems and equipment including those for powertrain assembly, body-in-white, robotics, paint process, and press automation such as tandem press lines, transfer presses, stand alone presses, and hot stamping for Tier 1 suppliers and car manufacturers.

  • Aerotech

    Aerotech makes automotive manufacturing automation equipment and systems including welding, fuel injector machining, sensor testing, painting, cam grinding, high speed windshield glass edge grinders, and shock absorber testing tools.

  • ATS

    ATS offers automotive manufacturing systems for assembly, machining, armature winding, testing, plastics molding, and more for applications including braking systems, safety systems, sensors & solenoids, suspension & drivetrain, and more.

  • Automation Engineering

    Automation engineering makes automotive test systems for vehicle manufacturing to test components such as exterior mirror assemblies, wiper motors, wiper modules, BLDC motor testers, HVAC cluster & fan assembly, sun visor, interior switches, door latch mechanisms, and more.

  • Siemens

    Siemens makes automotive manufacturing systems including testing equipment, human machine interface tools, safety systems, sensors & RFID tools, manufacturing execution system, low voltage controls and distribution, and more.

  • Avasarala Technologies

    Avarsala Technologies Limited makes automotive manufacturing systems including engine & transmission assembly automated machines, component handling systems, fail safe assembly equipment, and main & sub-system assembly automation.

  • Bosch Rexroth

    Rexroth Bosch Group offers automation equipment for automobile manufacturing for applications including press shop, paint shop, body shop, power train assembly, final assembly, powertrains engines, and transmissions.

  • Cincinnati Automation

    Cincinnati Automation offers automotive equipment for applications such as bearings (laser marking systems), brake assemblies, compression spring inspection systems, cylinder heads, gas line check valves, gear gaging, instrument panels, oil filters, refrigeration assembly, and more.

  • D&D Automation Inc

    D&D Automation provides automobile manufacturing automation systems for stamping, laser cuting, robotic welding, materials handling, conveyor systems, and hydroforming as well as instrumentation, repair & maintenance, machine vision, and more.

  • Fori Automation

    Fori Automotive makes automated assembly systems as well as conveyors, end of line systems, packaging systems, military & aerospace equipment, welding systems, and more.

  • Gudel

    Gudel makes automotive automated manufacturing equipment including blank loaders for tier 1 suppliers, welders, water jet cutters, body decking equipment, inverted robot trimming, end of line manual racking, and walking beam transfer systems.

    Ann Arbor
    State: MI
  • JOT Automation

    JOT Automation makes automotive manufacturing systems for materials handling, machining, traceability, and final assembly as well as systems for other industries such as medical, telecommunication, and consumer sectors.

  • Kaison Automation

    Kaison Automation Limited offers the Goepel Electronic automotive testing solution for vehicles to check hardware and software as well as checking car communication systems.

  • Machinery Automation & Robotics

    MAR Machinery Automation & Robotics offers machine tool loading and unloading automotive manufacturing systems as well as robotics services such as packing, palletising, and welding & automation services such as machine vision, induction furnaces, and panel wiring.

  • Mass Group

    MASS Group offers automotive parts manufacturing systems and precision tools including complete production management systems, tracking and traceability tools, SCADA/HMI equipment, and more to reduce setup and changeover time, reduce downtime, monitor supply levels, and ensure critical systems are working.

  • Maypole Engineering

    Maypole Engineering offers automotive automation manufacturing systems including engine pallets, component fixtures, conveyors, and more as well as design services. Their conveyors include adjustable friction power rollers and high precision accumulating friction conveyors for parts from 25 to 2000kg.

  • McEnery

    McEnery Automation offers automotive manufacturing solutions such as temperature, flow rate, pH, and conductivity training, parts movement tracking, washer equipment, and more as well as equipment for chemicals, petroleum, water & wastewater, and food & beverage industries.