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Automotive Manufacturing Software

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  • Dassault Systems

    Dassault Systems makes automotive product life cycle management software offering distinguished styles with the best ICEM class A surfacing tools, uses APQP and PPAP methodologies to improve vehicle quality, reduces product launch time, and minimizes errors, with PLC evaluation through DELMIA automation.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric makes automovie automation control software including SCADA and SCADA report systems to optimize process operations to connect to many disparate HMI, SCADA, and database systems and helps you reduce costs while offering data collection and reporting from assembly lines, presses, and automated testing facilities.

    State: IL
  • Coss Systems

    Coss Systems makes automotive manufacturing software for use in small to mid-sized manufacturers which features an estimating module, work order module, EDI module, preventative maintenance module, and a scheduling and advanced planning module.

  • Epicor

    Epicor offers automotive industry software for manufacturing using a true SOA with support for release accounting via demand management and purchase contracts, canned EDI workflows, better lead times and waste reduction, and support for AIAG-compliant labels. and advanced quality management for use of APQP, PPAP, TS 16949, and PPM protocols.

  • Inovis

    Inovis offers automotive software solutions as well as software as a service/SaaS including EDI operation through the Managed Services Suite with 99.995% availability and hosted web forms as well as deep domain expertise which leverages new functionality quicker, allowing you to cut lead times.

  • Intera Systems

    Intera Systems offers automotive and repetitive manufacturing software including their Hawk-i and ISOlution types which feature order processing and invoicing, integrated EDI, cycle time calculation, detail job costing, die maintenance, ISO/QS9000 quality control, scrap tracking, and more.

  • Infor

    Infor offers their Automotive Essentials software which includes a financial management system, performance management, supply chain management, ACM, ERP, Open SOA, and more including business intelligence and multicurrency financials.

  • IQMS

    IQMS has automotive software including tools that address automotive standards such as ISO 9001 and TS16949, fully automated EDI processing, PLM, enterprise resource planning, and wireless warehouse management and labeling tools.

  • Lanner

    Lanner's automotive software is called WITNESS and is a simulator to allow you to deal with issues including trimming operations, paintshop, stramping operations, material delivery logistics and other applications from facilities layout to supply chain logistics to capital equipment justification.

  • Lattice Technology

    Lattie Technology makes XVL Digital Manufacturing software for automotive assembly which offers tools that work on 3d CAD assemblies and parts including design review, motion simulation, process simulation, digital assembly, 3D parts lists, and illustration.

  • Luxoft

    Luxoft offers automotive body electronics software for air conditioning and climate control including subsystem architecture, HMI/UI development, and head unit integration as well as intelligent seat controls, and communication gateway board support including file system development.

  • Microsoft Dynamics

    Microsoft offers Dynamics solutions for automotive suppliers to improve operations while reducing costs  through Kanban and cumulative order management and to build connections to suppliers and vendors through transparency from second and third tier suppliers.

  • MJC2

    MJC2 offers automotive software including supply chain optimization solutions, production planning software, strategic supply chain management, inventory control, forecasting, and automotive logistics planning from distribution planning to vehicle routing systems.

  • Parsec Automation Corp.

    Parsec Automation offers real time decision support and performance management software- TrakSYS, for automotive assembly and parts to reduce the cost of gathering OEE data, reduces overtime costs and capital expenditures, and shortens start-up time for new lines. TrakSYS readily leverages existing assets and infrastructure for the optimal management and execution of automotive manufacturing operations.

  • PeerGroup

    PeerGroup offers automotive manufacturing software to help you design and develop MES apps to increase process control and data collection to support lean manufacturing from streamlining your processes, decreasing inventories, increasing throughput, and increasing yield.

  • Plex

    Plex Online is ERP software for automotive parts suppliers and OEMs with features including EDI & labeling, engineering change requests, lean manufacturing, warranty management, PPAP & APQP, TS-16949, Integrated data, and more.

  • RedPrairie

    Red Prairie offers automotive software offering real time visibility of inventory, assets, orders, and shipments, streamlines for maximum throughput and productivity and increases worker efficiency with integrated solutions for supplier collaboration, finished vehicle logistics, global spare parts distribution, build-to-order assembly, and more.

  • SolarSoft

    Solarsoft provides automotive software with benefits including integration between customers and suppliers, greater inventory accuracy, improved plant utilization and productivity, EDI & release accounting, production management, and more.

  • SolidWorks

    SolidWorks makes automotive software to help you produce design blueprints in less time with rully integrated finite element analysis to eliminate mechanism and structural design failure from kinematics, CFD, and thermal elements, and more.

  • StatSoft

    StatSoft makes automotive manufacturing software to monitor processes including their Statistica Enterprise QC and Monitoring and Alert Server for highly automated processes on your assembly line, as well as software for process optimization and root cause analysis.